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Short description: Gothic Garage - Soundtrack-style tension, grinding garage songs, and political commentary that can be scary or fun depending on your level of sickness

The Mission Creeps are from Tucson, Arizona. Their music is dark and nightmarish, but it's always a scary fun time.

The Mission Creeps currently:

  • Tour Arizona and S. California frequently
  • Have Music featured in The Graves part of 2010s Eight Films to Die For
  • Are booking a U.S. Tour to support their upcoming album

The Mission Creeps have

  • Just finished their 2nd full length album
  • Toured the West coast twice
  • Released an album and an EP
  • Scored performances for Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Troupe
  • Played Tiki Oasis (festival)
  • Played Friki Tiki Garage Festival
  • Played Santa Fe Film Festival
  • Played Southwest Fetish Ball
  • Played with acts including
    • Peter Murphy
    • Deadbolt
    • The HorrorPops
    • Firewater
    • The English Beat
    • Detroit Cobras
    • Dex Romwebber Duo
    • Lords of Altamont

The Mission Creeps are:
James Arrr - Guitar, Theremin, Vox
Miss Frankie Stein - Bass, Accordion
Jeff "Die Day" DiDay - Drums

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Press Reviews

The Mission Creeps - Photo credit: Daron Shade - MaranaPhotography.comGonnzai Music Magazine, France

It's an open door to some orgasmic music, music that was made in the way Tarantino makes movies, millions of ideas put together reminding of what we love in music.

- Little Johnny Jet

The Santa Fe New Mexican

Imagine a blend of The Cramps, Joy Division, Tom Waits, and Ligntnin' Hopkins. Now drench it in blood and make it play a theremin - extremely well - at gunpoint. 'Nuff said.

- Rob DeWalt

San Francisco Bay Guardian

. . . combine surf rock, punk, and the Doors, topping it off with an eerie dosage of Ennio Morricone–inspired gunfight licks that fit seamlessly into the band's tales of desert-highway depravity

Phoenix New Times
The Mission Creeps: Oh, the horror-surf!

. . . this quartet oozes out reverb-heavy, slinky music in the fine tradition of “horror-surf” bands like The Cramps and the HorrorPops, creating a creepy, ambient vibe that would make the band’s songs at home on any Quinten Tarantino or neo-noir film soundtrack.

- Niki D'Andrea

Eugene Weekly (OR)
Case of the Zombies

. . . . James Arrr has the perfect voice for this genre of music — a little Elvis mixed with some Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash.

Tucson Weekly

Their haunted shed includes handy tools such as reverb-rich surf music, Phil Spector's wall of sound, R&B rave-ups, blues, honky-tonk, garage rock, psychedelia, exotica, sci-fi soundtrack music, sea chanteys and, well, punk and rockabilly.

- Gene Armstrong


In Sickness and In Health - 11 song LP available on Refractory Records
Ghouls Among Us - 6 Song EP available on Refractory Records

Album Reviews

Carbon 14 Magazine
by Rob Zero

With song titles like "Case of the Zombies"and "Empty Coffin," you might expect this Arizona quintet to be yet another Misfits-influenced rock band. But this couldn't be further from the truth. The Mission Creeps tread lightly through the oft-travelled landscape of horror rock with a unique, haunting sound that is the perfect soundtrack for a lonely car ride across the desert.

KZSU- Stanford, CA
by Sadie O.

Horror surf garage rock with bluesy bits, and theremin, yay! It's hard to tell how seriously to take these folks – a lot of it's great fun, but some of it is fairly depressed. Lo-fi, in that there's no attempt to make the vocals sound perfect (singer has a decent voice, mind you), and there's definitely a major Cramps element.

Tucson Weekly
by Stephen Seigel, Tucson Weekly

Like a toned-down version of the Cramps by way of Deadbolt, the twangy, reverb-heavy guitar, Arrr's genuinely sexy bellowing croon (à la Bauhaus' Peter Murphy) and the band's grinding rhythms all add up to something more than your standard clad-in-black, death-obsessed affair. The majority of songs here are slow-burning grinders that ooze sexual tension . . .


The Cramps, Bauhaus, Nick Cave, Cop Shoot Cop, Johnny Cash, Iggy and the Stooges, Dead Kennedys, Flaming Stars, Bauhaus, The Doors, Robert Johnson, The Ghastly Ones, Link Wray, Southern Culture on the Skids, Deadbolt, The Meteors, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Devil's Food Cake, Hot Pants, Hot Rods, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Anacondas, The Shadows, Joy Division, figures in the the corner of your eye, shooting stars, the moon, naysayers, hypnotism, psychics and empathics, thinking too much, Guinness, SPY music, experimental hair dye, staying up waaay too late imbibing way too much of everything, not eating stuff off the sidewalk unless there is a layer of green fungus on it, each other, discovering you're not the only one who "feels and thinks this way" . . .

Stage Requirements

4 electric outlets up front for lighting
1 XLR for vocal mic (James has his own mic (Shure 55sh, and a reverb delay unit)
1 extra vocal mic up front
1 mic for 1 guitar amp(SM57 or similar)
Mic or DI out for bass amp
Mics for drums (e.g., kick, snare)

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